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A Choice of Secure, Flexible Solutions for Your Business

Hosting: An Overview

The Right Choice Depends On Your Internal Resources

Organisations have several choices when it comes to hosting options. The most common solutions are using the cloud to host systems & data or maintaining everything within a private network. In some ways, deciding what is best for your firm is like choosing between buying and leasing a car – each option has distinct advantages, depending on specific requirements.

Larger firms can usually let their IT department worry about such logistics. However, those without the luxury of a large IT staff are left to work through figure these things out, even if the sheer number of issues to consider when setting up or reconfiguring IT seems overwhelming.

The growing necessity for practices to support mobile devices and a virtual workforce can make the decision even more complicated.  Firms want the most cost-effective and efficient solutions while also having to consider security and ensure compliance with professional obligations.

Cloud computing allows an organisation to store and access their data, programs and applications over the internet instead of using computer hard drives or an on-site server for data storage.




In-house hosting is an on-premise software delivery model that operates a firm’s computing infrastructure from an internal server.



The choice is yours.

  • All hardware, software and data held on-site with total internal control
  • The required option for firms with critical software applications that can only run on a dedicated server
  • The most cost-effective choice for organisations that have already made a significant investment in an internal data centre
  • The preference of companies who have dedicated IT personnel that they wish to retain
  • Faster start-up and reduced cost of entry
  • No on-going hardware charges, software maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Offers immediate access from anywhere, at anytime
  • System users can be added, removed or updated almost instantly
  • Offers higher levels of protection with servers hosted over 2 high-security UK locations and data transferred by secure HTTPS transmission

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