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Take 10 Minutes to Compare Your Current Dictation Contract With This Offer

Still Investing Heavily In Dictation?

Moving to the cloud is simply good business sense

Oyez Cloud Dictation gives you access to a future-proof digital dictation system without the need for a heavy investment in internal technology.

Most UK firms who adopt Cloud technology do so to decrease IT operational costs and to increase profitability and efficiency. Instead of investing resources in server purchases, maintenance costs, software licensing and system upgrades, firms can move almost seamlessly to a solution that delivers instant cost & efficiency benefits across their organisation.


Oyez Cloud Dictation is engineered by our powerful OS7 platform.

It delivers everything you expect in a dictation system for 1 low, transparent license fee

  • Consultation, set-up and installation
  • System Training
  • Software Updates
  • Mobile Smartphone License
  • On-going Helpdesk Support
  • Standard Reports Package
  • Unlimited Number of Dictations
  • Preferential Pricing on Philips Hardware
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction
  • Multi-year price guarantee also available

Smart, Fast, Cost-Effective

  • Easy work sharing across all departments
  • Work can be accessed from any location from any web-enabled device
  • System access levels can be set for each individual user
  • Add, remove or update users quickly & easily
  • Record with a speech mike, digital pocket memo or smartphone
  • Easy to plan workload & allocate resources in advance
  • Updates happen automatically without disruption to users
  • Includes on-going access to support desk
  • Dictation revisions/additions are quick and easy
  • Dictations prioritised according to urgency
  • Status of each file is clearly identified
  • Superior, high-definition sound quality
  • All files encrypted in real time
  • Protected by secure HTTPS transmission
  • Backed up by PAS, ISO & PCI accreditations
  • Provides a built-in disaster recovery system
  • No capital investment required
  • No need to over purchase in order to ensure you can meet future demand
  • No need to purchase and hold costly back-up & recovery hardware on premise
  • Software updates are free, automatic and do not require high levels of staff management
  • Travel expenses decrease by allowing remote users to share work and access critical applications from any location

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