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A Powerful Dictation Engine

OS7: Offering Innovation

Substantial Savings & A Better System

OS7 is a comprehensive and scalable solution that’s been designed to meet the current and future business needs of all levels of users. This fully integrated, managed dictation workflow solution gives you the choice of hosting internally or in the cloud. It’s ideal for firms who have Invested in an internal technical infrastructure and the dedicated IT resources required to manage it.

The flexible functionality of OS7 allows all of your firm’s dictations to be easily shared across a wide network of authorised users who have instant 24-hour access from any web enabled device.

Our wide range of reporting and management options clearly display the business information required for immediate reaction, quick dictation completion and efficient resource management. In addition, OS7 is very simple to use and has been configured to ensure that even complex information is easy for users to view and understand.

This package also offers a very strong and compelling business case. To help ease the cost of change we offer very competitive swap-out rates and fair, predictable on-going charges.

  • Live updates & tracking of each dictation
  • Easy dictation revisions or additions
  • Smooth integration with current workflow
  • Adjustable, high-definition sound quality
  • HTTPS encryption for maximum security
  • Automatic client side updating
  • Scalability to easily add or remove users
  • Ease-of-use and intuitive navigation
  • A range of reporting & management options

Advantages for each department

The Freedom of Flexibility

  • Easy revisions or additions to dictations
  • Prioritise according to urgency
  • Intelligent job routing sends dictations to transcriptionist(s) of your choice
  • Attach documents to transcriptions
  • A full audit of each dictation can be captured using a convenient comment box
  • Mobility option allows you to work easily and efficiently from any location

More Efficient Work Sharing

  • Superior, high-definition sound quality with volume adjustment to suit environment
  • Priority of each dictation clearly identified
  • Each dictation classified by document type
  • Delivered dictations include all required comments, amendments and attachments
  • Private dictations can be easily identified and accessed by a nominated typist

One Dashboard, Total Control

  • Identify and release dictation bottlenecks
  • Live updates and tracking of each dictation
  • Comprehensive measurement & reporting
  • Bespoke report builder is optional
  • Flexible levels of system access
  • Transcriptions can be instantly sorted by date, priority, status, author or transcriber
  • Quickly add, remove or update users
  • Instant transcription resource available

Free Up Your Resources

  • Updates are automatic
  • HTTPS encryption for maximum security
  • On-going access to support desk
  • Auto client side updating
  • Hardware drivers delivered within package
  • Supports Citrix Terminal Services and virtual environments
  • SQL server as standard
  • Cloud reduces demand on infrastructure
  • Fast deployment, minimum disruption

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