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Intelligent Speech Recognition Designed for Professionals

OS7 Speech Recognition

Adaptation is Smooth and Easy

If you’ve tried Speech Recognition in the past and were put off by integration difficulties, poor word translation or background noise, it’s time to have another look. Things have changed.

Capturing spoken dictation and instantly turning it into text is not only fast and easy, it can have a significant impact on document turnaround times and reduce your dependency on support staff.

Time is a valuable resource. Utilising Speech Recognition technology to reduce the time you spend on common tasks, such as composing emails, can help you save several hours each day.

Being able to operate without the support of a transcriptionist offers real benefits when your office is short staffed. Holiday periods and sickness absences need no longer cause delays or disruption.

  • Integration is easy and straight forward
  • Can be shared across one, or many sites
  • Auto-correct feature ensures minimum corrections required
  • Livetime tracking allows you to monitor the status of all dictations
  • Allows use of tailored document templates for letters, case notes, emails etc.
  • Compatible with all case and document management systems

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